2 Nov 2015

Half term, Halloween & Holiday Fun

So, our first half term is ticked off, and today it’s back to school and work. I’m not sure Becky necessarily needed the break, but boy did I!

Saying that, the week hasn’t actually been as relaxing as I’d hoped, though I guess, that was to be expected, entertaining kids during autumn for a week! I ended up childminding Becky and a few of her friends for most of the week, and even though they really were a delight, by Thursday evening I felt a bit deflated and in need of some peace, quiet and head space, which luckily I got on Friday, as Becky spent the morning and afternoon at her friend’s house.

But despite the week being quite intense in terms of children’s entertainment and constantly having a full house of kids, it was actually lovely to spend some quality time with my big girl, and especially not having to be on a hectic and stressful schedule like normally. Most days we ended up dropping Alex off at nursery for 9-ish, and then we eased ourselves into the day with breakfast and lovely chats.

So what did we get up to? Nothing too taxing or spectacular, after all this was supposed to be the week we relaxed, so we just hung out at home with Becky’s friends, she went to the cinema one afternoon with her friend, we played, drew, created and baked and snuggled up watching films. We also went on a scarecrow trail in our village to discover some brilliant scarecrows which had been especially erected for half term and meant we had lots of fun discovering them while making the most of a couple of days of autumn sunshine.

It was nice that the week culminated in Halloween, which Becky had been looking forward to for ages. We went to a party at our friend’s house, where lots of Becky’s buddies dressed up (see top photo), and afterwards we went trick or treating and Becky and her friends managed to scoop an impressive amount of sweeties – which left the kiddies high on sugar (and the adults giddy on G&Ts and Desperados *ahem*).

All in all, we’ve had an intense but lovely week, and I’m not exactly looking forward to being back at work today, as November will be a busy and full-on month. I think I could have done with another couple of days off just to myself, to recuperate my energy levels and generally recharge my batteries. Oh well. C’est la vie.  Roll on Christmas I say (you’re allowed to mentione the C-word in November, right?). 

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  1. You have had a lovely half term and halloween. Love the costumes. So much fun going on here too cute. It was great that half term ended with Halloween wasn't it? Thank you for linking up to Share With Me and I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. #sharewithme


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