4 Nov 2015

Our Day at the deer park

On Sunday we took a little trip to a deer park, as the weather was gorgeous - warm and sunny, and just a little bit foggy. At first Becky wasn't fussed about going, as she's not a keen walker, but in the end we convinced her and she actually ended up being a great sport and managed to walk loads on the day and through the vast grounds of the estate.

Because the area is mostly woodland, I decided to leave the buggy at home and instead to dig out Alex's baby carrier (a Beco Gemini, if anyone is interested - I can thoroughly recommend it), which I hadn't used in ages. As Alex is now a lot heavier than when he was a tiny baby, I decided to try carrying him on my back instead of the front, something I had never done before, and I was pleasantly surprised just how comfortable it was - for me anyway. Alex, however, wasn't quite so keen, at first at least. I think he was a bit bothered that he couldn't see me and that he was strapped in without much room for wriggling, as he prefers to do. But after a while he got used to it, and I "bribed" him into being accommodating with some biscuits and a couple of marshmallows, and he was happy enough in the end (which explains his messy face in some of the pictures below).

The setting was gorgeous and John managed to take some lovely shots of us - well, of us three, as he is always the man behind the camera and rarely gets a chance to be part of our family shots, probably because I'm so rubbish at operating his pro camera and literally haven't got a clue what I'm doing, and he always hates the snapshots I take.

The deer were beautiful, such stunning animals, and they were so used to being exposed to humans, we managed to get really close-up and almost able to touch them!

I managed to get at least one nice shot of John and Alex - I'm actually really pleased with this shot of my two men.

I'm really happy that we managed this family selfie at least - sometimes phone cameras are just so handy!

We ended the day at the on-site playground with some old tractors, which Alex and Becky thoroughly enjoyed sitting on. Alex clearly felt like a big boy, pretending he was steering the wheel - such a proper little boy! And Becky was happy goofing around, as always. By that point (ca. 3.30pm) it was getting seriously foggy and a lot colder, so we decided to make a move and head back to the car park, which was another twenty or so minutes walk away, taking in the stunning autumn scenery and the atmospheric foggy backdrop.


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