15 Nov 2015

Siblings November 2015

Over the last few weeks Becky’s affection for Alex has hugely intensified. It’s not just noticeable in the big giggles she shares with her brother when she chases him around the house, or when she praises him when he’s learned a new skill or sound or even his first few (fairly inaudible) words.

It’s the little, spontaneous gestures, those that I often only catch a glimpse of from the corner of my eye, that are really showing me how much she adores her baby brother – when she goes up to him just like that and gives him a big hug or kiss, when she rushes over to him to help him grab something he’s struggling with, or the protective arm she puts around him when he’s just about to do something silly and potentially precarious. Or when she makes him laugh when he’s upset and reassures him when he’s scared of being separated from one of us, as he is currently going through a nasty spell of separation anxiety. And frequently she will just say to me: “Mummy, I love Alex. He is so cute!”

I took these pictures during a recent visit to Nanny & Granchy, and Becky and Alex played beautifully together. Becky was very patient with Alex, even though he kept snatching the wares from her pretend shop, and she tried to involve him, even though the concept of shopkeeper and shopper was a little lost on him.

Their growing relationship makes my heart jump for joy – as an only child, I can only imagine what this bond between siblings must feel like, and while it makes me a little melancholic that I never had the chance to experience this, I am unbelievably happy that my kids do.

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  1. I love your daughter's cheeky face! What a gorgeous girl x


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