11 Nov 2015

Thank you softplay!

Weekends in our house are normally very busy and not at all relaxing, mostly thanks to my little high-energy monkeys. And this weekend was no different – except for Sunday, which kinda was, thanks to a new softplay centre that we visited. We went with my friend Hannah and her two sons, who funnily enough are the same age as Becky and Alex and are also their little buddies, as Becky goes to the same class with Harrison, and Franklin goes to nursery with Alex. Win win!

The softplay we chose was honestly one of the best ones I’d been to. Usually, I’m not a big fan of soft plays (though I gladly go there when we are running low on rainy-day options), but this one was spacious, well organised, secure so that the kiddies can’t get out without the adult they came with, and best of all – it had the nicest and biggest baby section ever.

And Alex absolutely loved it! It was the first time I took him to a softplay, and I’ve never seen him having a better time, climbing the various toy towers, slide and other elevations, diving in the ball pool, pushing oversized toy lorries around and generally crawling around and bashing things like a maniac and without me hovering over him saying “no!” all the time. You could tell he was loving his freedom!

Becky also had a great time and even though she is normally not the bravest when it comes to heights and really big slides etc, she embraced it all and even went on all the scary things – she was so hot and flushed from all the running around!

Meanwhile, Hannah and I watched on from the side lines, chatting away over a cappuccino, while our little ones released all their energy – while we relaxed. And much needed it was, too. 

Thank you, soft play!

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