9 Dec 2015

The Social Life of a 5 Year-old

One of the many realisations that come with parenthood is that from about the age of three, your child will have a better social life than you. Fact.

Not only is grown up social life non-existent because you’re frankly too tired to go out, or what with arranging babysitters and allocated drivers, it turns into a bit of faff anyway, or because you simply can’t afford a hangover the next day (being up with kids on a hangover is a killer, as we all know). But it's mainly because your diary will be dominated by your kids’ social - shall we say - “commitments”.

Ever since Becky turned three, and because she has been going to nursery, she has been a little social butterfly. She’s a jovial and fun-loving girl, and she has lots of friends, so rarely a weekend goes by when we don’t meet with one or several of her friends (luckily their Mums have become my good friends, too, so it works out ok), or where we’re not heading from one kids’ party, soft play or gymnastics centre to the next.

The picture above shows the invites she’s brought home just over the course of the last week alone! I can only dream of being this much in demand! But I don’t mind, I’m glad Becky is forming these bonds and friendships and is making the most of it.

I just have to embrace and organise my expanded role as social secretary. And probably invest in a bigger calendar. 

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