15 Jan 2016

Siblings January 2016

I have been meaning to do a proper little “photo shoot” for this month’s #Siblings entry, but then I looked through my camera and found these shots from our visit to Nanny & Granchy recently and instead decided that they perfectly sum up Alex and Becky’s current relationship. They were taken spontaneously, in the spur of the moment, so they are not the best quality, but they depict the close bond and the fun the two of them have together.

My siblings are basically besotted with each other. Alex just adores his sister, and whatever she does, he’s desperate to join in, too. Despite the age gap, Becky is all over him, too, lately and will make a special effort to play with him, to give him toys, to make him laugh, to tickle him etc. She says daily “Mummy, I love Alex. He’s the cutest baby brother in the world.” It makes me so happy!

They make each other laugh all the time, and I love listening to their giggles. Becky will just randomly go up to him and give him a kiss, or she’ll try to pick him up – which ends up being more dragging him along, as he is so chunky compared to my delicate princess – or she’ll pull funny faces at him or blow raspberries on his belly when I change him, because she knows that this has him in stitches.

They bounce on our bed together a lot, which is why I chose these pics. In fact, almost every evening after we come home, they both head straight for our bed and go a little mental throwing themselves about on the mattress, tangled in our sheets, amidst uncontrollable giggles.

They also love to chase each other around, whether that’s Becky chasing Alex, or Alex running after Becky with his little legs, it’s quite hilarious!

So far there isn’t much in the way of conflict – only the occasional moan by Becky when Alex has been a bit too rough or snatched one of her toys, but mostly, their relationship is remarkably harmonious at the moment, and I can sense that both of them know that they are a family and belong together – and I couldn’t wish for more.

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  1. I used to do a proper "shoot" for my siblings photos but now I tend to just collate all the photos I've taken over the course of the last month as I think it shows their relationship in a more natural light :)


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