14 Feb 2016

Alex, 18 months

Alex is 18 months now, and what a little dude he is! He is definitely a proper, full-on toddler now, and quite literally, every day his rapid development is palpable. I really wish time slowed down a little. He’s growing up way too fast!

The main change this month has been in his emotional development; he is so affectionate and cuddly! He loves giving kisses and properly puckers up before plunging a big sloppy kiss onto everyone and anyone’s lips; whether that’s me, John, Becky, Nanny, Granchy, the girls at nursery or even his little friends - he loves giving kisses.

Every night at nursery, when we are saying our Goodbyes, he toddles round everyone who is still there and gives them all a sloppy kiss, including his little mates, and it’s honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen, when two little people share a tender kiss. It’s heart-warming, endearing and hilarious all at the same time. He loves cuddles generally, and will quite frequently and randomly come up to me and wants to be picked up for a big bear hug. Of course I’m not complaining! I’m lapping it up while I can, and before he grows embarrassed of his old Mum, which will happen all too soon at this rate!

He is still quite naughty, or rather mischievous, but I think he is developing a sense for right and wrong, and what he is allowed to and not, as well as what he can get away with – and not (the naughty step is definitely helping with this, lol).

He still wants to just bash and pull things, and his toys are still less interesting than sockets, cables, ovens, cutlery etc., so it’s still full-on watching him like hawks.

He is desperate to talk, you can really tell, and he get frustrated that he can’t say what he wants to say – though his repertoire of sounds and noises is pretty vast and entertaining in itself. If he really wants something, he’ll pull you along and drag you to whatever it is, and then point, until he gets it; e.g. when he’s hungry, he points to the fridge and then makes a hand gesture to his mouth, so it’s unmistakable what he’s after (a lot of the time it’s Babybels – he’s strangely addicted), and even at this age and without the words he is a good communicator and knows how to get his will (most of the time, anyway).

He is so speedy now, and runs everywhere, especially when he’s running away from us. We recently had to buy him his second pair of shoes from Clarks, as he had outgrown his first pair after just a few weeks. I remember Becky having her first shoes for ages, so there is a definite difference in their physical developments. Becky has always been petite, whereas Alex will be quite tall and strong, judging by how fast he is growing.

He still loves his bottle of milk and snuggling with me on the sofa first thing in the morning and last thing at night after he’s had his bottle – I’m starting to think about weaning him off it, but he loves it so much, he goes crazy when he doesn’t get his bottle, and I love the quiet moment when he’s having it, all nestled in my lap and all cuddly after a bath – so I guess while this still works for us, I’ll give it a bit longer. And milk is not a bad thing, after all.

He also looks more and more like Becky. I have been making more of an effort to take some pictures of the two of them lately and to try to capture their blossoming relationship more than just once a month in the #Siblings project, and the resemblance between them is so obvious. Friends of ours even call Alex “Mini Becky”, because he looks so like her.  I think that’s lovely, actually – that way they have even more in common than just sharing a gene pool. 

I think that’s everything for this month. Like I said, it’s all going way too fast for my liking, and while every month brings with it a new and exciting stage, I also mourn the loss of my baby with every month he grows up. I’m becoming all too aware of how fast time is passing, how precious these early years are, and I’m trying to soak it all up consciously and ingrain in my mind, so when we’re old and grey, we can think back to these wonderful years. Because even though they are also very hard, I know I will miss them when they are over. 

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