15 Feb 2016

Siblings February 2016

I'm really struggling to take decent shots of both my monkeys together where both of them are in focus and sit still - usually one of them is looking away or trying to get away etc., so once again, this month I have resorted to snaps that I have taken in the moment. And I'm actually beginning to like it this way, because it really captures their relationship and how besotted they are with each other.

These snaps were taken on Saturday morning, when I briefly placed Alex back into his cot, because I had some chore or other to get on with, and - lacking the space for a play pen - his cot is usually a safe place to leave him for five. But Becky came up and asked to be put in there, too, so she could play with Alex, so I obliged, and lots of play fighting and giggling and chasing around ensued. I should have recorded a video, really, because they were two big rascals having lots of fun.

Honestly, I know I say it every month, but nothing gives me more joy than seeing Becky and Alex playing with each other and adoring each other.

I know this shot is rather blurry (I really do need to improve my photography - that's still on my ever ending to do list!), but it's such a genuine moment of affection and fun, that it's actually one of my faves. 


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