17 Mar 2016

Alex, 19 months

Ah, where has the last month gone? It’s been so busy, that Alex is actually closer to 20 months now, but – to stay chronological – I’m squeezing in this 19th month update before it’s too late.

So what’s been happening? Alex continues to develop at lightning speed; he seems so “with it” lately and so switched on, and you can almost have a non-verbal conversation with him, as he so clearly understand everything we’re saying to him, and even though he can’t speak yet, he is very good at communicating back one way or another, be that with a sheer endless repertoire of sounds and noises, or an array of gestures and facial expressions. I think I said it last month already, but he is so clearly desperate to talk. I reckon that once he starts, he will be a little chatterbox like his sister. So far, we’ve added “na-na” to the mix (shouted out when his Nanny calls), and he is also trying to say “O-ma” (granny) a lot, followed by lots of sounds that seem a lot more word-like without actually being words, so I think he is definitely practising and preparing for the expansion of his vocabulary.

He’s such a proper little boy, very nosy, and so fearless! When we go to the playground he will climb on everything, (try) to throw himself off everything – and he just does not give up. Try stopping him, and you get a good first taster of the tantrums that we will be most likely having soon. My son is certainly a strong-willed and stubborn little boy, and how can he not be, as John, Becky and myself are also the same.

The start of his 19th month was dominated by illness and the very heavy chest infection and tonsillitis that I already wrote about, and since then he is quite a bit more clingy with me than before. He doesn’t like it when I leave the room, unless he is reassured that I’m right there or will be right back, and leaving him at nursery in the morning also only really works pain-free if the girls distract him instantly, so I can sneak out. I don’t mind, I secretly like to be needed, and what stronger sign that your child loves you and needs you is there than them not wanting to part with you, but it’s still not always easy when you actually do have to go and drop him off. #Mummyguilt and all.

He’s still super affectionate, and his kissing rounds crack me up. The other day at nursery, one of the others Mums saw me with Alex and said: “Your son is so cute, every day he hugs me and gives me a kiss when I leave!”. It’s so funny, as a few of the other Mums have also said that. He’s just a very loving little boy, and – if my memory doesn’t deceive me – probably even a tad more affectionate than Becky was at this stage.

I go through excitement and joy at embracing each new developmental stage, but also real melancholy that time is flying by so fast. Seeing so many baby pictures of  friends and other parents on my social media feeds, just really emphasises how quickly the baby stage passed and how both my kiddies are growing up so fast. But what can you do, other than live in the moment and embrace every day and every moment, and etch each one into my memories.

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