2 Mar 2016

How to Introduce your Child to a green lifestyle

*Guest Post by Amy Mia Goldsmith*

Parents have an enormous influence on their children’s behavior in society, which is exactly why they should be perfect role models. Even the slightest changes in their own lifestyle will inspire kids to behave in a certain way, especially if the goal is to make them more responsible towards nature and the environment. Picking up a piece of litter and placing it in the bin will have a major effect on the way children see the world they live in. Here are some of the ways of how to introduce them to a green lifestyle.

Encourage an Active Lifestyle

Regular walks, bike rides, or any other kinds of physical activity are essential for many reasons, primarily for helping your kids stay healthy. Besides that, you will teach them that there are alternatives to driving, which is another way of saving the environment. Such an approach will foster a healthy respect for the nature, since spending more time in it inevitably leads to understanding how it works. A long walk is one of the most amazing ways for parents to spend time with their children, enjoying the fresh air and motivating them to be physically active at the same time. When you get tired, just sit on the grass and grab an apple to munch on – there is nothing better than that.

Shop Wisely

Help your children develop healthy and eco-friendly shopping habits. Take them to the farmer’s market, where they will be able to see where the food comes from and meet with the people who grow it. They will get used to shopping organic and fresh products instead of going for the junk food. As for the clothes, it is essential that they are made of high-quality materials which will allow children to feel comfortable and move with ease. You can find such items online at www.swap.com, where you can easily sell your kids’ old clothes and find new ones that are inexpensive and appropriate for them. This is a very convenient way of shopping, since children are growing very quickly so that they outgrow all the clothes in a very short period of time. Besides that, it is perfect for moms with small kids, since shopping can get too stressful with them running around all over the place.

Choose Better Quality Toys

Besides being environment-friendly, toys that are made of natural materials such as organic textiles and solid woods are certainly much safer choice for your children, since they don’t contain different kinds of toxic substances that are found in paint and plastics. It is definitely better for them to have fewer well-made and durable toys, than dozens of poor-quality ones that are harmful for their health. It is always a good idea to encourage kids to donate their toys once they have outgrown them, which is a great way to help others and save the planet at the same time.

Let Them Grow Their Greenery

Let your kids grow their own vegetables, and they will learn about the importance of the environment. Besides that, it is really fun, since that is a perfect way for a family to spend time outdoors together. Your own garden will give you the pleasure of enjoying delicious, sun-warmed, freshly picked vegetables, whose texture and flavor often exceed even the best grocery store products.

Explain Energy Efficiency

It is extremely important for children to understand the importance of energy conservation from an early age. Teach them to always turn off the lights when they are not in a room and to turn off the water while they are brushing their teeth, and explain why you want them to follow the rules. You can even utilize positive reinforcement by offering rewards for following your green rules.

As you can see, even the small changes in children’s behavior can lead to significant improvements in their lifestyle. Going green is always a good choice, and what is the most important here is that you, as a parent, set up a good example for your kids. Be a role model and they will accept all the changes much easier.

About the author
Amy Mia Goldsmith is a literature graduate with a lot of different interests in life. Her absolute favorite role is the role of a loving mother. She has a daughter and is expecting a baby boy. If you wish to contact her, follow her on Twitter.


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