15 Mar 2016

Siblings March 2016

Alex and Becky’s relationship continues to go from strength to strength; they are both very loving and tactile and at the same time cheeky and mischievous with each other. There are remarkably few spats between them, which really surprises me, and things are pretty harmonious most of the time. I must admit that at this stage I would have thought that Becky’s and Alex’s interests are so different and the age gap so apparent, that there would be some friction now and again. Which there is, I’m not saying there isn’t, but it’s very rare. I’ve probably got all of this to come in a few years’ time, ha!

But for now I’m really enjoying observing their relationship. I think why it works is because they both have taken to their different roles: Becky is the older sister, whom Alex adores and wants to copy all the time, taking part in everything she does, and Alex is the little brother, the baby of that relationship, and he can therefore get away with things because Becky graciously accepts that “he is too small to know differently; he’s just a baby” as she frequently says.

Alex is always checking out what Becky is up to and he wants to get involved all the time, and quite often she will let him. The other day Becky was drawing in the play room and Alex toddled in. I quickly popped to the kitchen to make them a drink, and when I came back, Alex had picked up a pen from her pencil case. I hadn’t realised at first, but Becky had also given him a piece of paper and he started scribbling bits on it. I said to Becky: “Don’t give him your pens, please, because he’ll only draw all over his face”, which he has done many times before, but Becky replied: “No, mummy, look, he’s actually doing very well. He’s drawing!” It was so sweet and supportive, and there they were, the two of them, drawing and scribbling together.

Alex is super cuddly at the moment, and he keeps hugging everyone and planting kisses on us, including Becky. Whenever he gives me a kiss, he instantly walks over to Becky, and gives her one, too, and luckily she always reciprocates. A few days ago Becky was upset about something or other, and he toddled over to her, and started stroking her hair and back, trying to sooth her – it made my heart melt, and Becky started to giggle soon after, because it was such a lovely and intuitive gesture for such a small person.

Equally, Becky is very affectionate with Alex, too, but they also have increasingly lots of fun together, and are ganging up against John and I. We’ve spent plenty an evening or weekend morning rugby tackling each other and tickling each other and the two of them are literally falling over laughing, and it’s the best sound in the world. I must make more of an effort to actually try to capture this on video to catch that giggle for eternity.

These pictures were taken during a stroll through our village the other weekend. Alex was so happy when Becky took his hand to walk with him (well, apart from the shot where I actually asked him to stand still, so I could take the picture). And when Becky eventually decided to run ahead, he was desperate to catch up, running behind her with his little legs and clearly so desperate to keep up with his big sister.

I know these monthly siblings posts are very gushing every time (and I don’t blame anyone reaching for the sick buckets), but honestly, as an only child who has never had a sibling, it is such a privilege to witness this relationship. And I will always be grateful that Becky and Alex have each other.

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