24 Apr 2016

My Sunday Photo 24th April 2016

Yesterday we decided to head out to a nearby park and adventure playground. For the last few weekends we have been busy digging up our garden ready for re-landscaping, and it's taken up most of our free time. So yesterday, after another few hours work, we decided to give all of us a break and dust of the cobwebs with a little trip out. Becky loves this hill, and every time we go there, the lawn has been freshly mowed and has that distinct, deliciously springy smell. Becky kept picking up little bits of grass, singing, giggling, jumping round and throwing them in the air - just enjoying life. Thank Goodness for kids to reminds us of the small pleasures in life!


21 Apr 2016

Alex, 20 months

When I first started writing Alex’s monthly updates during the first year of his life, I could tell a huge difference in his development almost on a weekly basis. Now that he is slowly approaching the two year mark, the milestones are spreading out a bit, and his development is more gradual – to me at least. However, when we went to Germany for half term the other week, my parents, who had last seen him at Christmas, were overwhelmed with just how much he’d grown, both physically as well as in his personality and emotional development. It was nice to see how fascinated they were with every little thing he was doing, and how in love they are with their grandkids.

This month Alex continues his cheeky chappy ways. His personality is now clearly evident, and it’s lovely; he definitely has a really mischivious, cheeky side, but he’s also extremely warm and caring. He doesn’t need encouragement to share lots of kisses, and he’s very sensitive to anyone being sad or upset around him. A few times now I have witnessed at nursery during drop off or pick-up other babies crying or being in meltdown, and Alex toddling over to them, stroking them gently and trying to calm them down. It’s so heart-warming, the fact that he understands that they are in distress, and such pure and genuine gestures from such a small person, and it makes me immensely proud.

He's still quite naughty though sometimes, whether that’s throwing food around, not listening or pushing boundaries when he knows exactly that he’s not allowed something, and hence he has frequent visits to the naughty step – not that it bothers him much! He just patiently sits there, looking at me or John, and I know that he thinks: “They will crack before me!” And quite! It’s actually hilarious, and often I have to really pull myself together not to end up laughing, because it’s so funny, his little face, just sitting there patiently and totally not bothered. 

He’s also suddenly grown really tall. I noticed yesterday, as I was running his bath, that he is now taller than our bathroom cabinet, when he always used to be much smaller and couldn't see beyond it. It occured to me, just how much of a toddler, a little boy he is, and it's a bitter sweet observation. 

In terms of speech, he hasn't made much progress since last month - he can now say "car" and "poo" (great!), but other than that, he is still mainly communicating with gestures and lots of different sounds, and he can really accurately immitate any intonations that either of us do; so if Becky or I are humming a melody, he can accurately repeat it, which is quite funny. I think, like with most of his major milestones, he'll do them when he's ready, but once he starts, he probably will be unstoppable and a major chatterbox like his sister.

We've been having a few rough nights again, lately. His night (or early evening) terrors have crept back in, and he is absolutely inconsolable when we're putting him down for his sleep at night. So much so, that we've had to take him downstairs with us for the last few nights, and only then would he settle for the night, but often not before 10.30pm, which is quite exhausting. And then he's waking in the middle of the night with more distressed screams, and we're not quite sure whether it's teething or night terrors or something else. I have learned by now that most of the times these are phases, and that we just need to ride them out, so that's what we're trying to do.

Other than that, he is our smiley, happy, cheeky little boy, and he really brightens up our days, especially in tandem with his big sister. 


18 Apr 2016

Siblings April 2016

I only have a couple of shots of my two cuties this month; what with going away for half term and starting renovations on our house and garden, I've not had as many chances to take snaps.  

However, the shots that I have selected make me happy just by looking at them. Especially the lead one. It completely captures both their characters and their closeness and cheekiness. I look at these two, the little team that they are, and I get a massive gush of love for them.  

We've been in Germany for half term to visit my family, and everyone marvelled at just how cute they are - Becky in her girlie,  all grown up, big girl kind of way, and Alex in his mischievous, knowing exactly how to push the cuteness buttons and making everyone laugh kind of manner. I was one proud mama, I have to admit! 

In terms of their relationship, it continues to blossom – well, at least the majority of the time. Becky really looks after Alex now and she was a big help in keeping him entertained during the car journey to the airport, at the airport itself, as we were quite delayed, and during the flight. 

Alex continues to love every bit of attention she gives him, though sometimes he gets a bit carried away and giggles turn into tears (mainly Becky), as he’s a bit too rough and boisterous, and she is ever so delicate. 

But most of the time they are really good buddies, and as Alex is getting more and more vocal and is increasingly responsive and understands what she is saying, I think - hope - that they will have even more fun together. 


17 Apr 2016

My Sunday Photo 17th April 2016

Alex during our return flight from Germany last Sunday. He was really enjoying the flight, really aware of everything, and loved taking in the sky and clouds outside.


4 Apr 2016

My March 2016

Ok, so March has also flown by, and we’re well into April now, so this is a little late. But for the purpose of continuity, and because has March has actually been a good to us, I’ll squeeze my little review in. Really hoping that things will be able to resume back to normality in April and I'll be able to dedicate a bit more time to this here blog, too, which has been very much neglected of late. 

So here goes: 

1. A trip to the petting zoo, where the kids had lots of fun getting up close to ponies, goats, alpacas, guinea pigs, pigs, cows, etc. Becky was quite brave, wanting to stroke all the animals (she's not normally), and Alex is also developing a real interest in them, too, so this was a nice little venture out.

2. We finally completed on our old / new house. It was quite a complex process and it felt like absolute ages until it finally became ours (even though in actual terms – and in hindsight – it was relatively efficient, but it felt like the most stressful, anxiety ridden lifetime ever at the time). Now the renovations and redecorations are under way, and we have lots of plans to make this house our proper home. I just have to be a bit more patient and accept that we won’t be able to do everything at once, and that some things will take their time and be done step by step.

3. The first ice cream outdoors of the year. I must say that it went down rather well. You can tell by Becky's expression, no? 

4. More outdoorsy outings, and Alex is totally in his element at the playground. He is fearless, and isn’t happy going on the toddler slides – he wants to be on the tallest, most complex things, like the big boys and girls. It’s lovely to see him so happy though, even though he is such a handful! 

5. A little Easter indulgence – Becky and I baked a totally gooey, chocolately chocolate cake and it was yummy. I will post the recipe on here at some point, as it was so good. I’ll just have to bake it again and take some better snaps, as this was just a quick pic with my iphone and doesn’t do it any justice.

6. We spent Easter at the in-laws in the Brecon Beacons, and even though the weather was not on our side (it never is, when we go there!), we still went for a little roadtrip and walkabout to take in the stunning scenery. You gotta love the Beacons, even in the rain! 
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