18 Apr 2016

Siblings April 2016

I only have a couple of shots of my two cuties this month; what with going away for half term and starting renovations on our house and garden, I've not had as many chances to take snaps.  

However, the shots that I have selected make me happy just by looking at them. Especially the lead one. It completely captures both their characters and their closeness and cheekiness. I look at these two, the little team that they are, and I get a massive gush of love for them.  

We've been in Germany for half term to visit my family, and everyone marvelled at just how cute they are - Becky in her girlie,  all grown up, big girl kind of way, and Alex in his mischievous, knowing exactly how to push the cuteness buttons and making everyone laugh kind of manner. I was one proud mama, I have to admit! 

In terms of their relationship, it continues to blossom – well, at least the majority of the time. Becky really looks after Alex now and she was a big help in keeping him entertained during the car journey to the airport, at the airport itself, as we were quite delayed, and during the flight. 

Alex continues to love every bit of attention she gives him, though sometimes he gets a bit carried away and giggles turn into tears (mainly Becky), as he’s a bit too rough and boisterous, and she is ever so delicate. 

But most of the time they are really good buddies, and as Alex is getting more and more vocal and is increasingly responsive and understands what she is saying, I think - hope - that they will have even more fun together. 


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