5 May 2016

My April 2016

How is it already the 5th of May? And I still haven’t posted my April summary – ooops. I’ll therefore cut to the chase; here we go:

1.      We went to Germany at the start of the month during half term and visited family & friends. It was lovely and relaxing, as my Mum pretty much takes over and tirelessly looks after her grandkids. I guess she makes the most of having them, as it’s obviously not as regular as it would be if we were next door, and it’s nice for me, as I can do what I never have the chance to do – sit down with a hot cup of coffee and read a book. (Or watch trashy German TV *red face*).

2.       My Mum looking after Alex and Becky a lot also meant that I could have some one-on-one time with each of them, while my Mum entertained the other. Again, quite a luxury, as normally I have to split my time between them to do each of them justice.

3.      We (well, when I say “we”, I really mean mainly John, though I have helped here and there) started digging up our garden ready for a new lawn and patio. John’s been working really hard on it every day, but it’s such a big job, it won’t be for a while yet until it’s actually ready and we can sit down with an al fresco G&T and enjoy our new outdoor space. The garden has been dominating our conversations and free time, with both physically labouring away at it as well as planning what it will look like.

4.      Plenty of visits to the park with the little ones. You can’t beat a nice trip out, even if it’s just to the local playground.

5.       A nice stroll with friends along the waterfront. It was a very cold day, but the sea-breeze did us some good - until that is, Becky fell over on her scooter …

6.       …which leads me to picture six. She smashed her lip open. It bled so badly, that the day ended with an unwelcome trip to A&E and lots and lots of tears. Luckily the injury was internal, i.e. mostly contained in Becky’s mouth and lip, though the swelling was really bad. I’m happy to report that my little girl is now back to her beautiful, gorgeous self again, thank God!


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