13 Jun 2016

Alex, 21 and 22 months

This is it. This is the picture that I look at and it really hits home that my little boy is growing up. He looks so long in this! So tall and lean and boyish. He's six weeks away from turning two years old, and he suddenly seems ever so big and developed.

I didn't do a separate post last moth, but have combined his 21 and 22 update - mainly, because I ran out of time, but also because his bigger milestones are now a little bit more apart, and I think from now on, once he turns two, I will be doing less frequent, but maybe more detailed updates.

The good news is though that there is plenty to talk about today, because my little Alex has come on heaps and bounds since my last report. Firstly, there's the speech. While he isn't talking yet, he is slowly building his vocabulary. In addition to saying "Mummy", "Daddy" and "Bye bye", he can now also say "car", "cat", "Becky", "mine", "digger", "purple", "cheese" and "shoes", and he is very good at repeating anything and everything you say with the exact precise intonation - even down to whole melodies. The other day Becky was singing a Katy Perry song, and Alex was repeating the melody, and did that really well at that. In fact, he has said lots of other words as one-offs, however has not repeated them again, despite lots of encouragement, but I'm sure that he's storing them somewhere, deep down in his ever developing brain. I have a feeling that once he starts talking properly, he will also be a bit of a chatter box like his big sister.

He's so much more physical than Becky ever was. He is an absolute whirlwind, has so much energy from the moment he wakes up, and he leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, wherever he goes. He bashes and pulls things down, and if he wants to know what something is or does, he hits it first (much to my dismay; a couple of lamps, clocks and other paraphernalia have already been trashed). He also climbs on everything and anything, launches himself off everything, constantly climbs on me or John (or the sofa, the chairs, the tables, shelves ... ) and is generally super bashful.

It's quite hard work, a lot harder than it was with Becky in that respect, as you literally can't leave him out of sight for one second. He has no sense of danger or risk, and even when I get cross, he thinks it's funny. Everything is a game and fun to him, everything is playful, and he just does not see any boundaries. The naughty step is not working either - whereas with Becky it worked a treat! He just sits there, patiently, for as long as we put him there. He never tries to escape, which is good of him, but he also does not seem bothered, and he certainly doesn't learn a lesson. Hmm. This is a bit of a problem, I'll be honest, because how else do you teach him boundaries and discipline him when necessary?

I'll be the first to admit that he has me wrapped around his little finger though. I absolutely adore him, and when I look into his big, bright, blue eyes and his massive smile and giggle, I can't be cross for long. He is so tactile, too, and so cuddly. Again, so much more than Becky was at this stage - she was always a lot more independent - and he loves cuddling and kissing me. And I'm a sucker for it! Any opportunity for a cuddle, and I'm right there! He's just so lush.

His personality, too, is gorgeous. He is genuinely funny and hilarious - he is such a joker and clown, and he often has us all in stitches with stuff he "says" or the faces he pulls or the things he tries to do.
On a developmental note, he has started to show an interest and awareness of when he does or needs to do a poo; I hadn't even contemplated thinking about potty training him until much later. We potty trained Becky shortly after her second birthday, but with him being a boy and having heard that boys generally are behind girls in such matters, I didn't think this would be on the agenda until he is at least three. However, he is able to let me know when he's done a poo, and the other day at nursery he also did one and then went to one of the nursery girls and said "poo" and pointed at his bottom, and then went over to the potty and sat on it (albeit fully clothed, but it does show that he is aware of what the potty is for and can put two and two together). So whilst I don't intend to start with potty training in earnest yet, I might start encouraging more signs and seeing where it takes us. Not sure I like this though - another sign he is growing up, too fast for my liking, and I'm not sure I'm ready for this yet. But I can't keep him in nappies and small forever, can I. Or can I? *contemplating face*

He had his first hair cut a few weeks ago, and he instantly looked a lot older. He's lost his baby locks now, which I'm a bit sad about, but then again, he looks so so cute with his proper little cut. It's growing super fast though, so I think we will have to introduce regular visits to the barber - he won't mind, he was very fascinated with everything that was going on and the lady who cut his hair.

So that's it. My baby boy is fast heading for his second birthday - and I'm definitely not ready for that. I think I'm a bit in denial about that. I haven't even started thinking about a party or celebration of any kind - I just can't believe it's round the corner.

I often get asked / told that surely the older he is, the better / easier it gets. But I don't see it that way. The second time round, I didn't mind once the hardship of the early newborn days, the lack of sleep, the double challenge or two kids, the constantly being on call and all the rest of it. I've loved every second, and even though each new stage and each new age brings with it new, exciting times, I am also so sad that the baby days are well and truly over.

I wish I had a time capsule and could just press reverse or repeat and do it all again.

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