3 Jun 2016

My May 2016

The second half of May descended into chaos a little, as we are still undergoing major digging / landscaping work on our garden, and as if that wasn't enough, we also had some other house things going on, which just added to the general mayhem, and between work and the kids and life generally, there was very little time for anything else, so blogging has taken a bit of a backseat, unfortunately. I know I said it before, but I'm determined to get back on track - I just need to organise my time a little better (*she says optimistically*). But there's always something, isn't there? 

But hey, I digress. It's time for my highlights of last month: 

1. John and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary. We have been together for nearly 17 years now, which is certainly quite an achievement - but mostly, makes me feel extremely old. How did that happen? Seems like just yesterday that I met him in the university student union! 

2. We made the most of the warm weather on the first May bank holiday and ventured out into the woods and a new adventure playground, which was lots of fun. 

3. Alex had his first hair cut, and he suddenly looks so grown up. Like a proper boy! And I'm not ashamed to admit that I kept a couple of his blond locks and put them in his memory box - like the soppy cow that I am! Does anyone else do that? 

4. I had the massive honour of being asked to be Godmother to my best friend's baby boy. It is so lovely, as she is my oldest and closest friend (despite the geographical distance!). She was also a witness at our wedding and is Godmother to Becky, and I am now the same to her on both counts, which is really special. They asked me in a really lovely way, too, by sending a picture of my friend's son (I've deliberately cropped him out of the picture for his privacy, btw) holding up a sign that asks in German: "Do you want to be my Godmother?". So cute. And how could I resist? We're going over there this month to the combined Church wedding and Christening  - Can. Not. Wait! 

5. Becky managed to raid her money box after we recently introduced pocket money and count all her pennies and pounds. And she had enough to buy herself her desired Pinkie Pie bedroom (she had changed her mind from the original Monster High Doll). She's now saving for her next toy. Go Becky! 

6. This month we've had illnesses on and off - I've had tonsillitis, Alex and Becky both stomach bugs, tonsillitis, too, random fevers and temperatures and so on. John seems to be the only one who is still standing tall for a change - but the bugs are sure out to get him, it's only a matter of time! *Evil laugh*

7. John and I went on a very rare date night. It's not often that we have a babysitter, but we have now found a really great one, one of Alex's favourite girls from nursery, so it's someone who we trust and know the kids love, too, so we are determined to make this a more regular thing. Because boy, did it feel lovely to have a nice meal and adult conversation (and stay out past 11pm, go us!) sans kids. 

8. The huge mountain of soil John has dug up in our garden. He is sifting through all the rocks and concrete that is underneath and in between the soil to level it all, ready for turfing. Even though we both hate gardening, this has become a real labour of love (hate?) and he's working really hard on it so that eventually we'll have a lovely garden to sit and play in. 

9. There's a little miniature train track in our village, run by a group of pensioners, which opens every Bank Holiday, so we went there this bank holiday just gone to check it out, as we'd never managed to before. And it was lovely, so very cute, and Becky and Alex both enjoyed the - very impressive - ride! 

The other big event that happened is that Nanny from Wales managed to visit us for a brief overnight pitstop. She normally is never able to, as she cares for John's Dad full time, but as he is still in hospital John picked her up one evening after visiting hours and drove her to ours, so she could see where and how we live and see the kids etc. It was lovely to have her over. I would have posted a picture, but something tells me she wouldn't be best pleased with me if I did, as she never likes pictures of herself, so I just stick to telling the tale instead. Because who wants to get on the wrong side of their mother-in-law, ey? 

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