15 Jun 2016

Siblings June 2016

By now I have given up on trying to pose my two lovely kiddies for the monthly #Siblings entries, because it's just impossible to get these two monkeys - and in particular one extra little monkey - to stand still long enough. So instead, I'm rolling with these candid shots, taken a few days ago during a nice summer day's walk through our village.

Becky insisted on holding Alex's harness backpack and walking with him, though it actually looks like she is walking a doggy, which makes me chuckle, only that this doggy was less than cooperative and just didn't want to listen.

Both continue to be close, and they've started to have little "insider jokes", if you can call it that and ganging up against Mummy and Daddy. It's quite funny, and they are thick as thieves most of the time.

With Alex being so physical and bashful, he has started to initiate a lot of play fights and rugby tackles Becky lots, which they both love - until Alex goes a bit overboard and ends up being too rough and hurts Becky, which then ends in big drama. That is usually the pattern - Becky, even though she's the bigger one, ends up crying because Alex has hurt her, which is quite ironic.
They also think it's hilarious to chase each other around the house, which always has me close to a heart attack, because I always expect one of them to bump themselves badly, but they are almost unstoppable when they are in fits of giggles.

On the other hand, Becky is really tender with Alex; she'll help him put his shoes on or take them off, she'll make sure his food is in reach and even cuts things down for him now and again, and she is generally very good at sharing, most of the time anyway.

They are really quite alike in so many ways, least in their looks, and yet so different in others - I am forever fascinated with the sibling dynamic. And I couldn't love them more if I tried.

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  1. I know what you mean about the perils of posing them - most of my photos tend to be me taking pictures while they run around because posing my three little wriggle monsters is never going to end well!


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