22 Jun 2016

Thank you Teacher!

There's only a few weeks left, and Becky's first year at school will be coming to an end. A whole year and Reception stage all ticked off! And whilst I'm once again baffled by how fast time has flown by, I also can't help and reflect on the journey Becky starting school has been - for her, and for me.

One of the things that strike me most is just how naive I was about the impact school would have on my little girl. I mentioned it before, but in Germany primary school doesn't start until later - kids are usually seven, six at the youngest - so my daughter going to school at the tender age of four seemed awfully premature. And it took me a while to accept it and get my head around it. But more importanty, I completely under estimated the role of the teacher in all this.

I hold my hands up - and apologies in advance to any primary school teachers reading this - when  I say that I didn't think reception was "real" school. Naively or ignorantly, I thought that all the kids would be doing is play all day, albeit in pretty school uniforms,  and learn the odd letter or number now and again, but that in essence it was just pre-school in a different setting.

How wrong I was! As the weeks went on and Becky picked up more and more letters and phonics, started to write her own name and by now whole sentences, read actual stories and books by herself and added and subtracted number constellations that I certainly can't remember doing until I was about 8, I have been completely and utterly converted.

How stupid I was! Becky's progress has been staggering, despite the fact that both John and I work full time and really only have the weekends to properly go through her reading records and homework with her. Thankfully she is bright as a button and seems to be picking up things independently and soak up knowledge like a sponge.

I have realised just how important Becky's teacher has been in all this. What an amazing and important job she's done. And I take my hat off to her.

It's not just the academic side that has truly impressed me. After all, Miss R has had to teach twenty-odd young children between the ages of four and five  - and often at completely different spectrums in terms of their emotional and intellectual development - the same curriculum. She's had to progress a whole class while treating each child as an individual, which in my book is truly heroic. And thanks to the wonders of Tapestry (the online school diary where teacher document each child's progress), I have been able to get a great insight into everything she has done and her lovely relationship with Becky, who adores and idolises Miss R.

More importantly, she has been a great role model for my daughter, my little, innocent, impressionable and sensitive Becky, and that's even more significant to me.

She's been kind, she's been patient, she's been lovely, funny and warm, and she is the person that has shaped my daughter's perception of school; that crucial first impression that will coin her whole academic career from here on and define whether she loves going to school - which she does - or not, and for that I am very grateful.

School takes up such a huge chunk of our formative years and I am glad that Becky's first experience of it has been a positive one, with lots of academic achievements, but also lots of fun, friendships and laughter.

I have always loved school; I was a very acasdemic child, and some of my best memories (and friendships) date back to my school years, and I always wanted this for my children.

So thank you Miss R for being a great teacher and for guiding my daughter (and in many ways me, too) through our first year of school. We've certainly learned a lot!

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  1. very nice. I was nervous about sending mine at 4 also, but she immediately loved it. This fall we start full day classes and I'm bummed about losing that time with her, but knowing that she can't wait helps a little. #sharewithme

  2. I can imagine it will be quite a transition for you when she has full days, but what I have learned that they are so adaptable - and us as parents, too!

  3. Well done Becky on a great year and what a lovely sounding teacher. #sharewithme

  4. It's so great when your children have a lovely teacher who they click with. My two oldest have had some lovely teachers but last year my son had the most amazing newly qualified teacher who left a lasting impact on him - thanks for linking to #sharewithme


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