7 Jul 2016

Alex, 23 months

I'm totally in denial that Alex is in his last month as a one-year-old, and that the next time I will be writing his update he will be two. It's an outrage! Where did my little baby go? I honestly feel a little shocked by how fast time has gone and that my boy is growing up. Too fast.

I would really like to keep him my baby for a bit longer; but alas, with every day that passes, my baby is turning into a big boy. I will have to accept it at some point, I know, but it's not easy.

Since the last update, Alex's speech has come on leaps and bounds - that's probably the biggest news. He is now saying and repeating a huge repertoire of words, and has even started to put two words together, like "Daddy's car", "Opa's Auto" (the German version about Granddad's car), "Pop Bubbles", "Give me", and "Thank you" (bless him - so so cute when he says it), and every day he comes up with new words. Some he just says as a one-off, but others stick and are slowly building his vocabulary.

He is still the cutest - I took the picture above on the plane back from Germany a couple of weeks ago, and he just looked so sweet, handsome and so cheeky. He entertained all the people around us, luckily in a good and endearing way. Everyone was smiling at him and giving him lots of attention, which was a relief, as I always worry about bothering fellow travellers with my kids. But so far, they have always been more or less a delight, so I had nothing to worry about.

We've also had the first taster of terrible twos and tantrums; turns out Alex is just as strong-willed and strong-minded as the rest of our family (what d'ya know!), so I think we will have a few battles of will on our hands as we go along. But overall he is extremely delightful, and whilst being cheeky and naughty at times, I do think he is beginning to understand his boundaries, and overall he is a good boy. And I like the fact that he is spirited, just like his sister. It'd be boring otherwise, wouldn't it?

He is having quite bad separation anxiety at the moment. I'm not sure what's brought this on, and he has had the odd episodes of it before, but currently it is pretty terrible. He is literally going into mega-meltdown when I leave him at nursery, even when he is surronded by his favourite carers and key worker, and whenever John leaves for work he also cries his heart out. It breaks my heart and makes leaving him, for work or travel or otherwise, pretty hard at times. I do hope he will grow out of it soon, as it's pretty horrible, and he is normally not a shy and a rather confident, independent child.

He is currently transitioning form baby room at nursery to toddler and will be fully going to his new group at the end of the month. I know he is ready for it, and he has lots of his little mates in the bigger group already, so I'm trying to look at it positively and not with a huge degree of melancholy.

We are about to embark moving him into his own room, too. So far, he was sharing our bedroom (albeit in his own cot, not our bed, as I'm not much of a co-sleeper), but we will be rejigging our room set-up over the next few weeks and Alex will finally go into his own room and Becky will get a bigger one. And whilst I'm excited about all the interior possibilities and decorating both their rooms (I will do a separate post on my interior inspiration), it is also yet another sign that we are cutting the apron strings more and more and that Alex will be a big boy soon.

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