30 Jul 2016

Alex's 2nd birthday

So last week was Alex's second birthday - *sob* - and whilst I was a tiny bit melancholic about the day, as I've written on here before, I did actually pull myself together and we all had a wonderful day and weekend together, celebrating our little boy's big day.

On his actual birthday, a Thursday, I took the day off to spend with him. Up until Becky started school, I had always done that with her - it feels wrong for your child to be at nursery on such a special occasion, so it was natural that at least one of us, John or I, would always try to take the day off - so I didn't want Alex to miss out, even though his birthday falls into the busiest period at work.

We decided against doing a big party for him - I've been to a couple of 2nd birthday parties now at soft plays and other party venues, and whilst they were absolutely lovely, I don't think at this age the kids are really aware of what was going on and that it was their party. Instead, after my munchkin opened all of his presents to excited squeals, I met up with one of my good friends, whose little boy is just three weeks older than Alex and also goes to the same nursery, and we decided to go to soft play with the little lads.

It was fab; Alex is now at that age where he is really into soft play and enjoys the freedom of being rough and tumble about (without danger of hurting himself,) and he loves taking a few risks and pushing boundaries a bit. For instance, he isn't just content being on the toddler slides, oh no! He wants to go where the big kids go, so Mummy gets quite the work-out chasing after him and up and down the huge slides.

Later on, we picked up Becky from school, as it was her last school day, and - after a brief stint in the pub with a few other parents - we went home to have a slice of birthday cake and watch Alex blow up his candles.

On Saturday we decided to continue with birthday celebrations and to visit a gorgeous Zoo Farm, because Alex is really into animals, and we knew that he would love seeing the giraffes, monkeys, bears, elephants, zebras, lions, tigers, birds of prey, as well as bunnies, guinea pigs, meerkats, and so on. And indeed, he loved it!

It was such a lovely, special day full of family memories that we will treasure forever.


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