15 Jul 2016

Boys bedroom inspiration

I mentioned before that we are currently in the process of reconfiguring our bedrooms and moving Becky up into a bigger bedroom and Alex out of our bedroom and into his own. We're hoping to be done with this over the summer - we've been meaning to do it for ages now, but as you know, when you have two small children, everything, especially any kind of DIY, takes a lot longer than anticipated. But we really have to get cracking with it, as Becky is desperate for her bigger room and to be able to spread out a bit more.

I've been pinning lots of room sets as inspiration for both their rooms, and I thought I'd share on here what I'm hoping to do with their rooms, starting with Alex's - well, if I decide on something! I'm struggling a bit, as I love so many different themes and decors.

My main dilemma is colour scheme. Whilst I do love the monochrome rooms that I come across a lot, deep down I know that they are not for me. I want both the kid's rooms to be colourful, warm and friendly, and also, I don't think the cleanness of a monochrome room is sustainable with a small, mucky monkey like Alex.

I love the colour scheme of the above picture - the dark wall offset against greys, blues and the striking mustard yellow. Originally I was set on going with a green / blue / grey colour scheme (see below), but the more I look at it, the more I also like mustard / grey and navy.

This is what I always thought I'd go with, colour wise. But now I'm undecided.
I also really love this colour combination of mustard, navy and grey.

I also really like the below room, though I suspect it would be maybe more suitable for when Alex is a bit older and has got a definite preference for super heroes. 

I think the best thing to do is to probably get some colour swatches and tester pots from B&Q and just try out different shades and combinations against each other and see what works best. 

In terms of furniture, Alex is probably going to inherit the Oak Mamas & Papas nursery set that Becky has had, as it's still in pretty good condition and I think will suit a boy quite well, while we'll get Becky some new, white furniture that will sit well against all the pink toys and accessories that she owns. 

Obviously, Alex will need some other accessories as well as storage solutions, and I've found some great bits and ideas, mainly from The Great Little Trading Company and Wayfair. 

I really like this idea, making good use of the space behind the door. We have the
same set-up, so this is definitely something we will do for Alex's books. 

I also think these shelves are super cute. Another great option. 
Aren't these shelves just adorable? 
Alex hasn't got that many Lego figures yet, but he is slowly but surely accumulating
 an impressive selection of cars, which would work brilliantly in a display like this. 
A few more bits that I'm going to get. The navy star blackout blinds, and the little police
 car toy storage, and I need to get John to build me one of these under bed
storage containers that I found on Pinterest. 

I love the hand print display - this is firmly on my agenda to do of the four of us, and the little peg chainwould be great to hang up Alex's artwork and little pictures. 
So this is it, my main inspiration for Alex's boys bedroom. I will see how we get on over the next few weeks and will post a big bedroom reveal as and when we're done. Can't wait to get stuck in. 

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