13 Jul 2016

Kiss of Love

Today's post was supposed to be on a very different topic, but I felt compelled to write this instead.

I can't believe how much stick Victoria Beckham is getting for having posted a picture kissing her daughter Harper on the lips!

What is wrong with this world - or people! - when parents can't kiss their own kids on the lips without randoms spouting off and turning an innocent gesture of affection into something it is not.

It's perfectly normal to kiss your children on the lips! I totally kiss my kids on the lips and will continue to do so for as long as they'll let me and I will soak up every second of it. And if anyone reads into this anything other than the ultimate sign of motherly love, well, then this says more about them than me, Victoria Beckham or any other normal parent who showers their kid with love, affection and warmth.

So there. Rant over. Normal service will resume shortly.

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