5 Jul 2016

My June 2016

We are officially in the second half of the year (!) - now that I am writing it down, it seems crazy! Sometimes I just want time to stand still, pause life and take in and relive certain moments, and June has been one of those months, both in good and bad ways.

1. We started off the first June weekend with scorchio weather and enjoyed some ice creams and play at our city beach.

2. John and I managed to fit in a sneaky date in Bath, which was lovely. This cute umbrella display was brightening up a rather cloudy and murky day and lifted everyone's spirits.

3. Becky and I baked some Shopkins cupcakes. We used to bake regularly, but this has fallen by the wayside a bit over the last few months, as we've been so busy, so we picked up our old tradition and have been baking more since. Becky is getting quite good at decorating - and licking out the bowl and spoons of the sugary mixture!

4. We had a visitor for a week - it was Ben the Wren, Becky's school mascot, who stayed with us and accompanied Becky on lots of adventures. We then had to write and document his stay in the school's diary. I'm not a big fan of things like that, because, as a working mummy with very little time on my hands, it's just another thing to remember and tick off the to do list, but for the greater good of the school and Becky we did it, and I think the result was alright in the end.

5. I was interviewed by a German newspaper - the very newspaper where I started out my career in journalism aged 17 - about the impending Brexit. Without getting political on this blog and getting carried away, I am still reeling from the result and am absolutely devastated. As you can guess, I was Camp "In" all the way.

6. On the day the Brexit vote broke, we flew to Germany to attend my best friend's wedding and my Godson's Christening. I was very teary on that day, and looking out through the plane window into the big, wide open of the horizon, made me very melancholic and contemplative about an unknown future. It was an odd day with very mixed emotions.

7. My two beauties all dressed up for my best friend's big day. Becky was flower girl and she did a fab job, and she also proved to be the heart and soul of the party later on! And Alex was just adorable, even though he threw a wobbly during the ceremony and cried his eyes out for mummy (who was holding another baby, so I guess that's understandable). But they were just the cutest, and my heart was bursting with love for them in their little outfits. #proudmummy

8. And finally, another shot from the wedding, this time of John and I. It was such a great day, and we haven't danced (or drunk!) this much in a long time - mainly thanks to the fact that my parents were very willing babysitters, who entertained the kids while we nursed our hangovers. Thanks Mum and Dad!


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