12 Aug 2016

Girls bedroom inspiration

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my inspiration for Alex's bedroom, so I thought I'd complete it by posting my inspiration for Becky's space. We are just about finished with redecorating our living room, then we can move on to my office, and then, finally swap the kids' bedrooms around. As we are reconfiguring our rooms and who has which, it's a little bit like those games where you have to shift one thing in order to move the next one into its place. Sigh. But we'll get there eventually, one step at a time.

So anyway. Like with Alex's room, my mind was pretty much made up in terms of the colour scheme I thought we'd go for - pink, of course, no surprise there, as my little girl is obsessed with pink. Becky and I have picked this lovely dusky pink, which we want to put on one accent wall - I draw the line at the whole room, that is truly too much pink for me! - and we will use a nice cream as the base colour.

There is a glossy white cupboard with black doors already in the room and it will have to stay there, because it doesn't go anywhere else, and it also offers heaps of storage space, perfect for all of Becky's bits and pieces. So I thought that pink, cream and a little bit of that black will go well, and Becky also likes it. I love how the bedrooms below have a similar colour scheme, and I think it adds a nice touch.

However, then I also saw these images, with the accents of turquoise in it, and it's got me thinking all over again. Maybe we should do a pink and cream (and the black of the cupboard), but jazz it up with a few more yellows and turquoise, too. I love the combination of the pink and the turquoise, it looks so fresh and inviting. Becky likes it, too, so we may end up doing this.

Becky has an Ikea Kura bed, and I've been meaning to paint the wooden bits for ages; I initially planned on white, but now I'm thinking that this could be the perfect place for the turquoise accents.

Becky loves the Kura bed, because she sleeps on top and underneath she has a little snug for reading or playing with her dolls, and whenever she has friends over, they always end up under there (granted, Becky's current room is very small, so there isn't much space to go elsewhere, but I do think they like the cosyness of the snug). So I'm thinking of putting a second mattress on the bottom bunk, so to speak, so she can have friends for a sleepover and it will be altogether a bit more comfy and soft.

I also love all the little house shelves. I think most retailers do them, from The Great Little Trading Company through Ikea to John Lewis, so I will sure pick up a few of them, and maybe we will paint them in nice accents of turqoise, pink and yellow.

As with Alex's room, I will share a room tour when it's all eventually finished ... in 2018 at this rate, but hey ho.

* All pictures from Pinterest 


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