1 Aug 2016

My July 2016

July has been jam packed month; we seem to have done a lot and been out and about a lot, and we've actually clocked up a fair few memories and milestones along the way. So without further ado, here are my July highlights:

1. Becky's first sports day. John and I both managed to take a couple of hours each out of our work schedules and tag teamed to support Becky. I was there for the school picnic lunch (which Becky was super excited about), and the first few sports challenges, while John joined later to take over and cheer Becky on until the end. She deserved a medal, our little champ!

2. We've had lots of summer days out during July; every weekend seems to have been spent at some family-friendly event or other. We are lucky enough to live in a gorgeous rural village with lots of activities and events going on, while Becky's school is also very active in putting on the odd family day or party. This picture was taken during Becky's school's Summer Fayre, which had a medieval theme, with knights and princesses and dragons etc.

3. Spending quality time with the kids has been big on my agenda. I'm so aware of how little time I have and how every second spend consciously and not absorbed in everyday chores and mayhem matters. They are only small once, and I'm determined to make the most of this time.

4. Another village festival, and Becky surprised us by being really brave and wanting to go on the Bunjee-Trampoline-thingy. She is normally not the bravest when it comes to physical challenges, but I have noticed that she is outdoing herself lately and really pushing her boundaries. Needless to say that I was one pleased and proud Mama. Go Becky!

5. More days out followed the next weekend, as we ventured to a lovely estate nearby with beautiful grounds and walks, as well as a pretty spectacular adventure playground that the kids both loved.

6. The most important event of the month was - of course - our gorgeous boy turning 2. Two! Can you believe it!? He had a fab time and definitely cottoned on to the fact that this day was special and that all the attention was on him.

7. School's out for summer: We ticked off Becky's first year of school and she is now enjoying a well deserved break. Only a few more days of work for me and John, too, and then we can join her for two weeks! Bliss!

8. To celebrate Alex's birthday - what do you know ! - we went on another day trip away. This time we visited a lovely Zoo Farm, which hosts a cute though a bit random mixture of animals, from giraffes, elephants and lions to meerkats, guinea pigs, monkeys, crocodiles and, errr, chickens (!). Alex is totally animal mad, so he had a ball stroking the little animals and admiring the big ones - from a distance!

9. Aaaand she's off! Becky learned to ride her bike without stabilisers this month. It only took her a couple of short sessions with Daddy to find her balance and work it out, and we're just a little bit in awe of our clever little big girl! Now we need to practise until she grows in confidence, so we can go for a proper bike ride.


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