5 Sep 2016

Ankle Boots: Working Mum Style

We're now steaming ahead through September, and even though I am still trying to cling on to the last few days of summer, the onset of autumn is undeniably palpable. I can't say that I'm not sad to see summer go; we've had a lovely time and made some precious memories as a family. And deep down I'm very much a summer, beach and sunshine kind of gal. That said, there is a distinct benefit of the change in seasons - it's the perfect excuse to update your wardrobe and invest in some key staples, right?

As I've grown older, my taste and buying behaviour have changed a lot; whereas when I was younger, it was more about trends and fast fashion, I am now a lot more discerning about what I buy, and rather than clogging up my cupboards with lots of things I never wear or only wear once, I'm more about the capsule wardrobe, with fewer, but more carefully chosen items that I can mix and match and dress up and down, depending on what I need and feel like on the day. And of course, these days I tend to spend most of my money on the kids rather than myself anyway, so it's no surprise that my wardrobe is a bit more... selective, shall I say.

Boots, however, are one of those staples that are absolutely crucial to my autumn / winter style. Ankle boots, to be exact. Throughout the colder months I pretty much live in them. I've never been a big riding boots or knee-length boots fan (sadly my calves are not made for full-length styles!), but ankle boots are a different story.

I usually alter between two styles: heels and flats. Heels, because I work full time, and sometimes you just have to look that bit more dressed up for meetings or business appointments, and I find a heeled ankle boot to be the perfect companion to any outfit - they instantly smarten up a look, even if it's jeans-based or a casual dress.

The second - probably the most important - style are flats. They are my absolute day to day essentials, and vital for the school run, as well as my off-duty (and let's face it, often even on-duty) and weekend look.

These two pairs of boots are both from Heavenly Soles at JD Williams and tick all the right boxes. They are both made of the most beautiful, supple leather (an absolute must for me; sorry to all the vegans out there, but when it comes to bags and shoes, I ONLY do real leather; I have a real aversion against fake and PU leather), and they are extremely comfy, even the heeled style. It's 3 1/2 inches high, so still on the wearable side, and the fact that it's a block heel ensures that even I can comfortably walk in them without wobbling or falling over myself.

And the flat Chelsea boots? What can I say. They, too, are absolutely fab,from the pull-on elastic to the rounded toe, and I love the gold metal wrap detail on the heel, which is an extra eye-catcher.
Below I've put together my go-to-looks for the office and for the school run.

Look 1: The Office
Even though I love dresses, I have embraced this season's midi skirt trend whole-heartedly. I picked up this pleated skirt in ASOS a couple of months ago, and I loved the bright pink of it. I've mostly worn it with flat or heelend sandals, but teaming it with the boots totally works, too, and will extend the life-span of the skirt from summer into autumn, as I can dress it up with a nice black jumper and use the pink of the skirt as a much needed colour pop. I'll finish off the look with a floral scarf and my cute satchel bag, which I'm totally in love with.

    Outfit details: Skirt: Asos, Boots: Heavenly Soles, Scarf: Becksondergaard, Satchel bag: Riani 

Look 2: School run
My mornings are usually manic, as I have to get Alex off to nursery and Becky to school (on time!) before work, and often this involves a lot of shouting (from me and the munchkins) and rushing and shoving the kids in and out of the car and into their respective destinations. So comfort is key here. My standard school run look is usually jeans, and lately I have been unashamedly rocking double denim (don't judge!). I try to steer clear from blue on blue denim combos, but my black jeans and my favourite blue Pepe Jeans denim shirt (similar here) make the look wearable and effortless, and not a tragic 80s throwback (I hope, at least!). Again, the boots finish off the outfit perfectly - I'd like to think it gives me a casual cool style (and I don't often describe myself as "cool" haha!) - like I can still rock a trend, even as a Mum of two! Again, I top off the look with a complementing scarf (I just love them!), and my favourite satchel bag.

    Outfit details: Jeans: Asos, Shirt: Pepe London, Boots: Heavenly Soles, Scarf: Sud Express, 
    Satchel Bag: Riani

What do you think? What are your autumn / winter wardrobe and footwear staples? And which looks are you rocking this season?

*Collaborative post. 



  1. Love those boots. In need of a new pair myself as I can tell the weather is starting to turn a bit more autumnal, and my old boots are past their best!

  2. They are really gorgeous, I can honestly recommend them! Good luck finding you perfect boots for a/w! X


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