6 Sep 2016

I'm A Year 1 Mum!

So it was Becky's first day back at school yesterday; her first day in Year 1! And what a difference a year makes.

While Becky happily skipped off to join her friends in the new class-room at the other end of the building, giving me a quick kiss and wave goodbye, I recalled what I had felt like this time last year.

Not only was I extremely emotional about my little girl joining big school, but I was also really scared as to how she would take to it, and I felt very insecure about the whole thing. I found the school run overwhelming and stressful (still do the latter; some things just won't ever change, I guess), I didn't really know what I was supposed to do when and where, which bag to bring on which day, and so on ... It's fair to say that the first few weeks of Reception were a steep learning curve.

Fast forward to September 2016, and I feel like a school mum pro! Whilst still stressful, the school run didn't half faze me like it used to; everyone was dressed and ushered out of the house by 8.25am - a little bit early even! Get me! - and at nursery and the school gates on time. *I'll glance over the fact that I didn't have the correct change for Becky's toast money, ahem, but hey, you can't win them all, haha!*

There were friendly "Hi-s" and "Hello-s" exchanged between all of us School Mums and School Dads, quick catch-ups about our summers in those cases where we hadn't seen each other for playdates in between, and just a quick glance through the window to be certain that Becky was ok (which, as always, she was) as opposed to the loitering around outside for ages, just to make sure that Becky wasn't calling for me (which she never did!).

It feels like I know what I'm doing now, and it feels good. The nervous wreck that I was last year has been replaced with confident Mummy, who's just glad that we are finally returning to our normal routine and structure. I no longer question whether Becky is ready for big school - she so is; she so always was. Only that her Mummy wasn't.

But now I am. Bring on Year 1.


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