1 Sep 2016

My August 2016

It's the 1st of September, which means we're in the final few days of school holidays - yay! I can't say that I'm not looking forward to getting a sense of normality and routine back (even though I actually despise the stress and rush of the school run itself), and I think all school parents need to give themselves a big pat on the back for having survived six weeks of jollies and  - if you're a working parent - juggling job and childcare while keeping the little ones happy and entertained. Yay, we did it!

Therefore, August was very much defined by family time and trips to the beaches in beautiful Dorset and Somerset. We decided not to go abroad this year, and to not book anything in the UK in advance following our almost washout holiday to Cornwall last year, but just to do spontaneous day and overnight trips, depending on the weather and our mood. And we had a fabulous time; the weather played ball for once, and the kids loved getting muddy and sandy  - and so did we. In the picture above I have pulled together my favourite shots of the month. They are just a really nice memento of this summer and some lovely moments and memories we made as a family.

So whilst we spent the majority of the time day and road tripping, we also spent a weekend visiting our friends from uni in Cambridge and had a little reunion with a couple of other friends there. We all have kids of a similar age now, and they all got on really well, so it was just a lovely and relaxed (and a little bit drunken!Pssst!) get-together.

Then my parents came over for a week, and again, it was lovely to spend some quality time with them, especially the kids, who enjoyed the attention they got from my Mum and Dad. *And my Mum did all my ironing and Mum and Dad did our gardening, which was a big bonus, too, ahem!*.

All in all, August was a lovely month, and I'm sad to see summer go. It's my birthday in September, and as lovely as that is, it also means that I'm always acutely aware of how the years are racing by. I'm all the more glad that I have all these memories and this little diary to look back on!

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