27 Sep 2016

Reading and bonding with my boy

I have always loved reading, and I'm kind of obsessed with books - you know, the real, paper, hard copy type ones (remember those?), not electronic or Kindle versions and all this new age stuff (how old do I sound?!). I like my books to be old fashioned, physical objects that I can keep, display and cherish in my bookcases around the house. I never borrow books, either - I like to own the books that I have read, almost like a little memento, or trophy if you like, it's kind of "my thing".

So reading to Becky has always been a big part of our time together, and this now also translates to Alex. He has always shown an interest in books , listening carefully when I read to Becky, but as he is growing, his own passion for books is really developing, too. At the grand age of two, my little boy is absolutely obsessed with books and is a right little bookworm - unusually so for a boy, many people comment, including his nursery carers, who seem amazed by his interest in books.

Nothing entertains him for longer or calms him down better when he's upset than to sit down, snuggle up and read a book.

And I so cherish these moments.

Especially at bedtime, as this is the only time in the working week that we really get to spend some one-on-one quality time together, but also all these random moments when he just brings me a bunch of his books and demands to be read to; lazy Sunday mornings, snuggled up under a blanket on the couch; on a rainy Saturday afternoon, spreading out with his sister and all our books on the living room carpet and reading one after another.

It's so nice to see how into the stories he is and how animated he gets, and he loves it when I make silly voices and noises. I think reading to your kids is one of the most important aspects of parenting, and one of the loveliest things to bond over. Moreover, it's so good for their emotional and cognitive development and builds the foundations for their future literacy, whilst also tapping into their imagination and creativity.

I hope he will keep this interest in books forever - and that we have many more of these moments of reading and bonding together.

What's your favourite bonding activity with your kids?


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