15 Sep 2016

Siblings September 2016

We've had a lovely summer as a family and it’s been so lovely witnessing the relationship between my little pair. Now that Alex is two and has started to talk and express his wishes, likes and dislikes quite vehemently, the dynamic between Alex and Becky seems to be changing a little, too. It's evident that it's intensifying and developing, and  they have a really tight bond and a lot of love for each other.

Alex still idolises his big sister; when she's at home, he'll always try to spend as much time with and around her as possible, he'll join into what she does (invited or not), and especially when we're out and about, he'll copy what she does. He's a very affectionate little boy anyway, but he has now started to randomly go up to Becky, too, and give her spontaneous cuddles and kisses, which were mostly reserved for me. But I don't mind, of course!

His other obvious sign of affection is that he'll go and pick a play fight with Becky; he'll go and tickle her and then he'll plant himself on her, and they are usually both in fits of giggles. It's really funny to watch!

I think Becky's attitude towards her brother is also changing; she's seeing him more and more like her little buddy now. They have proper little conversations together, and Becky constantly talks to him, explains things or encourages him or involves him in many of her activities, which is lovely. A few of the pictures below were taken at a playground, and she was all over Alex, trying to pick him up all the time, helping him to dangle from the monkey bars (which he obviously had to try, because his sister was on them, even though he's really too small), and she always insists on going down the slide with him, too.

But the thing that most makes my heart burst with pride and joy is that neither will go to bed without giving the other a kiss goodnight, and in the mornings they give each other a big hug, too, as if they haven’t seen each other for ages! It is so heart warming.

I can't wait to experience the next chapters in this blossoming relationship.

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  1. Aww, you can really tell from these pictures that they have a great relationship. My boys are one and three and I can't wait until they're a bit older and able to have more of relationship with each other. #siblingsproject

  2. You can really see the love in these photos. We have the same sorts of dynamics around here with the littlest communicating more and it definitely feels like they are a team together now.


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