3 Oct 2016

My September 2016

Where has September gone? It's been a strange month, so fast, fairly uneventful, and yet kind of full of events. The months was mainly dominated by the return to school and normal routine - well, at least that's what I thought. But if I ever thought Year 1 would be easier in terms of expectation on the parents and involvement - well, I'm having to think again. If anything, it is tougher yet, and there are so many things parents need to do and so much more homework and other things to do. No wonder we are all already pretty exhausted and finding it a little harder to adjust than anticipated. Roll on the end of October and term holidays!

1. We soaked up the last rays of sunshine and summer weather earlier in the month, playing with a funky water display while out and about. Ah, to be a child again!

2. I had a lovely Mummy-daughter-date with Becky the weekend before she started school again; we had cake, hot chocolate and marshmallows in our local deli, and it was lovely to just hang out. I feel like we don't get to do this enough, and it's weighing heavy on my mind sometimes. So we vowed to do this more often, just me and my girl.

3. We were also very last minute with getting Becky fitted for her school shoes, and had to squeeze this in on the Sunday before school started. Oops! The Clarks shop we went to was very "fancy", as Becky said - she was measured with iPads and a lot of hoo-ha and fanfare - which she really enjoyed, bless her. I had to put my foot down though over buying Becky some shoes she wanted just because they came with some stupid, cheap toy. Talk about sales tactics and pester power! Sigh!

4. September was also the month we got our first taste of autumn, and with it came the purchase for some cosy autumn pyjamas in dinosaur print for Alex. I couldn't resist - doesn't he look cute!

5. We went for a few long walks, and Becky and John were always ahead, Becky on her bike and John jogging alongside. Alex and I would be safely behind, taking it easy.

6. The day came and it was Becky's first day at school and Year 1. Year 1! Can you believe it.

7. It was also my birthday this month. Just how I got this old, I do not know - I'll let you guess my age, if you don't know it, ha! Please be kind! But, as the old (excuse the pun) adage goes - I'm not old, I'm retro!

8. Becky completed the rainbow run at her school, and got a lovely medal (to be fair, everyone got one, but that does not deflect from the fact that we were very proud!). She really enjoyed it this year (last time she fell over at the beginning and then cried for the rest of it!), and it was even a lot of fun to watch.

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