12 Oct 2016

Room rejig continued

NOT my conservatory, but conservatory goals. Picture Source: Pinterest
So, as I mentioned on here before, we are currently in the midst of updating, renovating, rejigging and hopefully extending (in the near future) our current house, which we bought earlier this year.

John has spent almost all summer in the garden, digging it up and re-landscaping it, and even though he didn't manage to fully complete it before autumn and winter are setting in as it's such a massive job, it won't take that much longer to finish come spring time, so that we will have a lovely garden to play in, relax and enjoy next year.

As part of this whole house / garden project, we are swapping a few rooms around. I have already shared my interior plans for Becky's and Alex's rooms, and once John has put down the garden spade and digger for good for this year, we will dedicate the rest of autumn to finally making these room changes happen.

One of the first steps is to turn our conservatory into a proper, liveable and usable room, which will allow us to free up one of the double bedrooms, which will become Becky's new, bigger room. So the conservatory is kind of a priority now, as the rest of the house rejig depends on it.  It's currently used as a bit of a "nothing-room", it's mainly the kids' playroom in spring and summer and houses tons of toys, but it gets very cold in winter, which is when we don't really use it. So this needs to change, and I have been looking at heating options, both under floor and standard heaters, which we'll be making a decision on soon.

The next step is to repaint the currently bright turquoise walls (not our choice, might I add, we inherited a rather bright colour scheme from the previous owners) in Dulux Egyptian Cotton to neutralise the room. I love this colour. Over the last few months I've spent way too much time, effort and money on the wrong shade of off-white until I found this perfect shade for our living room, and I am now in love and want to put it everywhere. It's off-white without being too beige, too grey, too yellow or going into other funny shades of pink or blue, which many off-whites do.

Then, a major consideration are blinds, as we have both roof windows and a full window front to cover. For the roof windows I'm thinking energy blinds from VELUX as they provide not just cover from the glaring sun, but also insulation against the cold, which is what our issue is with this room.
And for the main window front we are probably going to get these easy to fit ones from Binds 2 Go. This will give us both privacy as well as openness when desired, and therefore lots of flexibility, which is always a good thing.

I also want to get new flooring in - currently it's tiled, which is fine, but I'm not a super fan of floor tiles. But we might have to leave that for another time, as I don't want to spend all autumn just on this room. We have a nice oriental rug in there, which I will keep and which covers most of the floor area, and I might add some more soft furnishings just to make it that bit more cosy. On the one, walled side of the conservatory, we already have a good old Billy bookshelf by IKEA, but I will be adding a couple more, so we have ample storage for books and bits and bobs, and I wouldn't mind a nice antique bureau and comfy chair to complete the look of this room - when it's a proper room.

Hopefully this will be a lovely grown up space for John and I, with beautiful garden views thrown in as a bonus next year. I'll share all room tours with you eventually, when all of our renovations are completed.

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