5 Nov 2016

My October 2016

I can’t believe we are already into November and racing towards Christmas! It feels like it was only yesterday that we were exactly at this point this time last year, but alas, it is indeed 12 months later! October continued to be a busy month for us, with work, school, house renovations and lots of other things keeping us on our toes and leaving us quite exhausted actually. Good job October offered a week off from it all during half term, and even though it wasn’t exactly relaxing, it was nice to get out of the everyday rut. But anyway, not to pre-empt this month’s list, here are my October events (clockwise from left):

1.       The month started not so brilliantly; suddenly and without any obvious cause, Alex went from confident toddler to terrified little boy. From one day to another he started to be petrified of everything – noises, me not being in his sight, something he’d see on TV … anything and everything. And it immediately affected his sleep. He went from normally going down quite well and falling asleep instantly to shaking uncontrollably as soon as we would go into the bedroom and crying hysterically. He would not be left on his own, and one of us has to lie with him (for up to an 1 ½ hour every night!) until he falls asleep in our bed, and then carefully transfer him into his cot. Apparently, it’s a normal developmental stage, but it feels like he’s regressed somehow, and it’s been a pretty rough few weeks, to be honest. I suffer from insomnia anyway, but coupled with a toddler who just won’t go to sleep or wakes up in the middle of the night for several hours on end, I’ve been beyond exhausted and have found it hard to function at times. Kids, ey? Let’s hope it’ll settle this month.

2.       We flew to Germany for half term, and it was the first time that Alex had his own seat on the plane and did not have to be on my lap all this time. I fly on my own with the kids several times a year and am quite versed at it by now, and Alex and Becky are also becoming quite the seasoned little travellers. Alex loved the aeroplane, he wouldn’t stop shouting “aeroplane” throughout the whole flight (much to the delight of the people around us, I’m sure), and all in all he was a little angel. So much easier to spread out and each of us having our own seat, I must say!

3.       The kids loved their week in Germany, especially with my Mum, who is totally besotted with them and tirelessly entertains them. I guess she’s making the most of having us over, as even though our visits are frequent, it’s not the same as if we lived in the same country and could just visit on a whim. Makes me a bit melancholic to think how precious this time is, and how I must capture these memories while I can.

4.       We used the autumn weekends for little family trips away, and as always, no day out goes without me trying – and failing – to take a family selfie!

5.       Becky’s school sent a letter outlining the different homework activities the kids could do during the month. One of those activities was to replicate our house from recycling boxes – and truth be told, as it was optional, I opted out of doing this, as I hate crafts and John was also busy with home and garden improvements and Becky didn’t seem bothered about this particular task. Honestly, who has the time to rummage through the rubbish to replicate their house? And what’s the educational value in that? Well, that’s what I thought anyway. Until the night before the project was due, and a couple of parents posted their creations on our Facebook Group. Aaaarrgh! I knew this would happen, and even though I really wanted to stand firm on this and not do the pesky house, in the end my mummy guilt got the better of me, not wanting Becky to be “the only one” who didn’t make a house, and a frenzied rummage in the attic for suitable boxes and a last-minute crafts session ensued. I think we did quite well, considering! This term’s optional project is to make a bleeding snow globe. And I’ve sure learned my lesson – best get that craft kit ordered in good time – because it might as well be compulsory!

6.       Halloween came and went, and Becky dressed as a spooky zombie princess. She looked really cute, and we went trick or treating around our village with our friends, which was lots of fun!

7.        Aaand finally *drumroll please*: Becky lost her first tooth. Well, technically she lost her first tooth on the 2nd of November, but it started to wobble on the 31st of October so I will include it in this month’s update, as it certainly feels momentous and like a major milestone that I need to shout about. Becky was sooo excited and the tooth fairy came, of course, and left a nice, shiny coin. If she continues like that, she’ll make quite a bit of money out of that fairy! 

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