4 Dec 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This weekend we kicked off December and the festive period by visiting Santa on the Avon Valley Railway, which runs a traditional old steam train. We’d done this three years ago, when Becky was Alex’s age, and she loved it, and we knew that Alex, who is obsessed with trains and planes would love the experience, too. And Becky did anyway, because she absolutely loves Santa, Christmas and everything to do with it.

It was a cold, crisp day and, as expected, Alex absolutely loved the train. He kept going “choo choo” and he was bouncing up and down in his seat and looking out of the window, seeing the beautiful countryside go by. We picked a late afternoon slot, so it was slowly getting darker as we were doing the six mile round-trip, which only added to the festive atmosphere.

About 15 minutes into the journey, Santa’s helpers came to give everyone a mince pie and ginger biscuits, followed moments later by the big man himself. Becky was her usual chatty self, and straight away started telling Santa all sorts, whereas Alex wasn’t quite so sure what to make of that man with big white beard and the red get-up. He didn’t cry though, which we were chuffed about, he just looked a little suspiciously at him – though he was soon appeased by the lovely present he received.

Afterwards we drove over to Bath and visited the Christmas Market there. It’s such a beautiful city with such a gorgeous setting, and even though it was absolutely brimming with people – as we expected it would – it kind of only added to the atmosphere, as by that point it was already dark and all the Christmas lights, together with the lit up Cathedral culminated in a wonderful Christmas display.

All in all, it was a brilliant way to kick off December and get us straight into the Christmas Spirit. We have a few more Christmas trips and bits and bobs planned, and I can’t wait to spend this special time with my favourite people. We’re not going to Germany this year for Christmas, as we alternate each year; instead we will be staying at home on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and then going to Wales to see John’s parents on Boxing Day and stay there for a few days. Whilst I love going home to Germany for Christmas, I’m also excited about the prospect of staying home, in our home, and making our very own Christmas traditions as a family of four. Just our little unit – which is also kinda special. 


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