4 Dec 2016

My November 2016

So, we’re already well into December, and I hardly managed to post in November. In fact, I’ve hardly taken any pictures throughout the month, it appears, so this post is very very short, and I’m only really including it to keep the continuity when I look back on the year that was. 

Apart from the usual things that are going on, some of which I have already touched upon before, we spent most of last month moving, redecorating, painting, disassembling and reassembling furniture in what has been the much anticipated (at least by us) and talked about (on here) room swap extravaganza. It was so much work, and quite a lot of upheaval, much more than I expected, if I’m honest, and we spent literally every weekend and every spare minute on this.

It felt almost like moving house all over again – but now its done, and we are all in new bedrooms and office set-ups, with Becky now having her big Princess bedroom and Alex now being in his own little space.

I’m really pleased with how they all turned out – I’m still putting the finishing touches to them, like sourcing accessories etc, but I will do the grand reveal on here soon.

So whilst it’s been very very quiet on here during November, December will hopefully be a different story, as we have lots planned and going on, what with Christmas festivities and Becky’s birthday and party etc. I’m determined to make the kids’s Christmas as magical as I can - also because I feel a little bit guilty that November was a bit of a wash-out in terms of activities, because we were so all consumer by the renovations - so we have a few things planned and I’m looking forward enjoying this special time through the eyes of my two beautiful two-some and as a family. 

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