18 Dec 2016

So My Little Girl is 6

So Becky turned six earlier this week. Six! I honestly don’t know how this happened. While she will always be my little girl, she is growing up so incredibly fast. Four years felt like a big milestone, like a departure from toddlerhood, and whilst five years also seemed like yet another step up, six feels on another level altogether (I guess I will say this every year, but it does feel so momentous every year!).

Everything, from her looks through her demeanour, her interests, hobbies to friendships and overall skills and abilities have developed so much over the past 12 months; a lot has obviously most certainly to do with school and the fact that she is now in Year 1, which seems to accelerate everything somehow. 

She is a bubbly and extroverted little girl, and she has lots of friends whom she socialises with regularly, and these friendships are getting stronger and stronger as time progresses. When we had her pyjama party last week, it became so obvious to me how many beautiful relationships she has formed with so many different girls, and each friendship has its own dynamic and foundation, which I think says a lot about the type of character and personality Becky has, and how open, adaptable and friendly she is as a person.

She loves going out on play dates or birthday parties and her social calendar is considerably more packed than mine - we’re at various celebrations or other social gatherings nearly every weekend, which she absolutely enjoys – especially dressing up in pink party dresses, getting her hair and nails done (by me), acessorising and so on! She’s a typical little big girl.

She’s so funny and has us in stitches most of the time; the way she says things or asks things – she’s very dramatic and a bit theatrical; in fact, I think she would do well at a stage school or theatre group or so, which I will have to look into (I wonder whom she's got that from *ahem*). She’s also very confident and chatty – our little chatterbox, as we call her, and even though she can drive us nuts by just never shutting up, we wouldn’t have her any other way. She’s so incredibly eloquent though – I marvel daily at the wealth of her vocabulary, the sophisticated words she often uses, her grasp of language generally (she can do a mean American accent, which is hilarious!) and how articulate she is for a 6-year-old.

She continues to learn and speak German, and even though English will always be her primary language and the one she uses most frequently and naturally, she has days where she puts real effort into speaking German back to me or consciously asks how you say something or other in German or how it's pronounced, which I think is great. I’m not trying to put too much pressure on her, but at the same time I am keen for her to be bilingual, so I’m trying to strike a balance between teaching and facilitating German, whilst also ensuring that we still function as a family unit and that John, who doesn’t speak German, is included in everything and doesn't miss bits of conversation or so. 

It was parents evening at Becky's school recently, and aside from the huge praise her teacher had for her academic achievements  - she said that Becky is doing really well with her reading and writing, as well as Maths (apparently she always asks to be given new Maths challenges, which I’m astonished about as I always hated Maths; one thing she definitely hasn't from me)  – she also said that she wished every one of her pupils was as enthusiastic as Becky; that Becky is always up for every new thing, never moans about not wanting to take part in something, always gives everything her best shot and will try and try with determination until she has mastered something, which I think are almost more important life skills and character traits than any other academic accomplishment. She also said that Becky is always kind and polite and treats everyone in the same respectful and friendly manner, and I can’t express the sense of pride I feel hearing this.

Lots of people frequently comment on what a lovely child Becky is - of course I know that, but I’m obviously biased, so it’s nice to hear it from others, too, especially teachers and her friends’ and peers’ parents etc.

She has always been confident and outgoing in her personality, but physically she had a tendency in the past to be a bit more timid and a little scared to push herself. This has really changed over the past year, and whilst she is still considered and careful in what she does, she has become a lot more daring and courageous, which is brilliant. She’s learned to ride a bike without stabilisers in the spring, and since the summer she has been learning karate and recently had her first grading and she's now a red belt. How awesome is that?

To me, Becky is perfect, and I love her more than she will ever know. She’s the funniest, kindest, cleverest and most beautiful girl I know – and best of all, she’s mine!


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