20 Dec 2016

When we went to see Santa ... again

The kids with Becky's school "pet" Pecky, which she's taking everywhere, as it's her turn to write his diary. 
On Sunday we ventured out for yet another meet-up with Santa, visiting a zoological conservation project where Santa held residence in a very lovely and atmospheric yurt.

We had never actually managed to visit the place before, so it was as good a time as any to do so for the first time, when Santa was there. The kids were very excited; I’m still surprised that Alex is taking Santa in his stride and is neither particularly bothered, nor particularly scared of him, which is good, as Becky at his age was absolutely terrified of the big man, wherever we took her, and was always crying her eyes out if he even came near her.

As we’re approaching the final countdown to Christmas, it was nice to be out and about as a family and leave the pre-Christmas stress and craziness behind. We had a little wonder round the area and saw cheetahs, chimpanzees, wolves, reindeers, meerkats (my favourite!), mongoose lemurs and more, and then we stepped into the yurt, where Santa took time to chat to Becky (and Alex, though he kept wondering off and marvelling at the Christmas lights and decorations), who sang “Rudolph the Red Nosed Raindeer” with and for him – very confidently, I must add. Maybe she will actually be a popstar when she’s older, which is her biggest dream right now!

It was a lovely day out, which we ended with a huge hot chocolate topped off with cream and marshmallows. I just love Christmas. Such a magical time for kids - big and small! 
Five more days to go, peeps!

From one raindeer to another.
Hiding in a woodland den.

I love this picture of Becky and John. They are best buddies.

Gratuitous shots of mongoose lemurs and a meerkat, because they are just so cute.
The kids meet the big man. 

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