About Me

I’m Isabella, mummy to five-year-old Rebecca and two-year-old Alexander, and married to John, who has been making me laugh and keeping me sane for the past 17 years (Crikey,where did the time go?!). 

I'm German but have been living in the UK for over 14 years and just love my life as "adopted" Brit.

I’m also a journalist and work full time as editor of a business magazine for the fashion and retail industry, a role that I absolutely love and thrive on. I adore my family and I love my job -  both define who I am and I wouldn’t want one without the other, though frequently I end up wishing there were just more hours in the day!

Fairies and Pirates is my little bubble where I document the funny old thing that is parenthood and my life as a full time working mummy - an honest account of the wonderful moments, memories and milestones, but also those times when you just want to tear your hair out. The name, in case you were wondering, has been inspired by Becky’s obsession with fairies and in anticipation of Alex’s fondness of pirates (he’s too small yet, but boys like pirates, right?) – a tribute to my perfect little pair, a girl and boy, whom I feel so extremely lucky to have and who rock my world.

There's always one to spoil a nice picture. Oh Alex!!
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